Missing activities during Scout Camping

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Missing activities during Scout Camping

There are many interesting variations of camping activities that you should try. On this occasion I can provide additional references or tips for those of you who want to do camping activities in the open. https://naturalbridgecampground.com/

Outdoor camping activities are actually one of the things we look forward to the most on the weekend. In the framework of the holidays, freeing the tiredness of working every day. Camping activities can be the right step to get “Quality Time” for yourself, with friends or family.

Of course it’s just right so that camping activities aren’t boring, so we have to do something to fill these activities. Here are some examples of activities that you can try while camping.

1. Bonfire Party

Camping activities are not complete if you don’t have a bonfire party or just make a fire to warm your body at night. This activity is most often carried out by people who are camping.

When the campfire is lit, we can chat, sing, and don’t forget to eat snacks. This can make events with loved ones even more memorable.

2. Barbeque Party

When you are busy camping, don’t forget to bring food that is suitable for a barbecue party. Try to bring food that people actually like and there are no restrictions on food. Don’t forget the toaster to help with the activity. If the stomach is full, the heart will be happy and togetherness with the closest people can be exciting.

3. Fishing/Hunting

For busyness, this one is actually more of a hobby for more than one person. If by chance the camping area is near a lake or river. Very good for doing fishing activities. If it is close to the forest, you can also do hunting. Of course, you have to comply with all the provisions that apply in the local area. So that camping activities can continue to be positive activities to maintain environmental sustainability.

4. Fun Games

There are so many exciting games that can be played in groups, such as: Scavenger Hunt, Human Knot, The Perfect Square, The mine field, and many more. The purpose of this fun game activity is to break up the stiff conditions when camping and can also build teamwork so that it becomes solid.

5. Exploring Nature

Besides doing activities around the tent, there’s nothing wrong after breakfast to do a short-distance exploration to see the surroundings. Breathing fresh air around nature is a gift of life that we should be grateful for.

6. Photo hunting

Photo hunting activities can be carried out while exploring nature. Of course you can find cool photo spots in the exploration area. After coming home from work, of course there will be a feeling of wanting to upload it to social media to get feedback from friends/the public. Can also be a special collection in the gallery (memory photos/wall hangings)

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