Get to know the Dental Polyclinic, its definition and types of services

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Get to know the Dental Polyclinic, its definition and types of services

Dental care can be done in various health facilities. Some of them are private dental practices, health clinics that provide dental care, community health centers, and services in hospitals.

If you visit clinics, health centers, and hospitals, you will find a special section that serves dental care, namely the dental clinic.

On the other hand, private dentistry practices do not have a dental poly unit because they only serve one type of treatment. Unlike the case with the center of health facilities that have various types of services.

Different types of services, different names of treatment. This of course will make it easier for patients when they are going to do treatment.

What is meant by Dental Poly?

Reporting from, dental poly is a unit that serves dental care. Usually the dental polyclinic is in a health facility center that has various types of services.

Before entering the dental clinic, you will first enter the registration unit and several other examinations depending on the policy of the health facility.

If in a hospital, the dental clinic is usually in the outpatient unit and not adjacent to the inpatient unit.

The purpose of having a dental poly is to serve patients who will do dental treatment.

The dental clinic also serves patients who are about to perform surgery on the head and neck, for example, the extraction of impacted (abnormally growing) wisdom teeth.

Before getting an inpatient room and surgery schedule, the patient will first have an examination at the dental poly.

Types of Services in Dental Poly

The following are a number of services that you can get when visiting a dental clinic:

1. Consulting

Health workers will serve patients who will carry out an initial examination before the next dental treatment.

2. Soft Tissue Maintenance

This treatment includes scaling and treating the soft tissues that support the teeth, for example gum treatment.

3. Treatment of Oral Diseases

Dental clinics serve various diseases in the oral cavity, such as fungal infections, herpes, tumors, and others.

4. Child Dental Care

Officers at the dental polyclinic provide preventive care for the occurrence of diseases in the oral cavity of children.

5. Oral Surgery Treatment

This treatment includes tooth extraction and several operations on the head and neck.

6. Orthodontic Treatment

This treatment aims to straighten the teeth with orthodontic devices.

7. Denture Treatment

The services available at the dental clinic include the manufacture of dentures for patients who have lost teeth.

8. Conservation Care

The doctor will treat cavities or make the teeth last a long time in the oral cavity.

9. Dental X-Ray Examination

This service allows health workers to carry out radiological examinations to see the condition of the teeth from the inside.

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