Important History of Car Rental Services in the World

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Important History of Car Rental Services in the World

In this sophisticated era, various types of new businesses have emerged in society. Some are completely new businesses, while others are transformations of old businesses. One of the new businesses that has transformed in this era is the car rental business.

Reporting from car rental or car rental services is a company that provides cars for rent for a certain period of time, ranging from hours to days. This type of company usually has several branches or subsidiaries located in several major cities. Most are located in several crowded centers or city centers, airports, stations and tourist attractions. Car rental service providers usually also provide driver services which make it easier for customers. However, did you know that car rental has quite a long and interesting history? Thus we present it to you.

A Brief History of Car Rental

In the past, in the big countries on the European continent, horses and carriages were the main means of transportation that were quite sophisticated. Horses and carriages became the support of various community life. Meanwhile, on the other hand, car production is still very limited, because the production techniques are still traditional and the prices are still very expensive. So that the car becomes a luxury item that is only owned by certain circles. So, for anyone who wants to use a car, they have to rent it from several car rental service providers.

According to existing sources, the practice of leasing cars began in 1906. In 1912, a German company named Sixt appeared which provided three cars for rent. In 1917, a businessman named Joe Saunders from Omaha, Nebraska started his car rental business by renting out a T Ford model car in 1916. A year later, in 1917 his company called Ford Livery grew and was able to rent out 18 Ts car models with rent is 10 cents per mile. Furthermore, the company that he had started for a long time changed its name to Saunders Drive-It-Yourself System and then became Saunders System. Finally in 1926 the rental company was able to expand 56 cities and in 1955 it was purchased by Avis.

In Chicago, in 1918 stood a car rental company named Walter L. Jacobs with twelve Ford Model T cars. This company became one of Sauder’s competitors. In 1923 this company was bought by John Hertz. In England, the new car rental business was started in 1920 by Godfrey Davis. This company continues to grow and develop well. Until 1981, finally this company was bought by a company called Europcar. The car rental business grew rapidly in the United States around 1926. To the extent that an association called the American Driverself Association was formed and consisted of more than 1200 delegates from Chicago.

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