Middle Eastern Restaurant Recommendations in Jakarta for Bukber

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Middle Eastern Restaurant Recommendations in Jakarta for Bukber

The month of Ramadan is getting closer for Muslims who run it. Usually the month of Ramadan is synonymous with joint iftar or bukber activities which are carried out with family, friends, partners or co-workers. Well, one of the places that can be used as a reference for bukber events is a restaurant or place to eat with Middle Eastern nuances. This concept is suitable for those of you who are bored with local or western food. In the following, we will share recommendations for Middle Eastern restaurants in Jakarta that can be used as a reference for bukber in the month of Ramadan. Scroll down to see the full article https://saharapasadena.com/.

1. Turkuaz

This Turkuaz restaurant is located on Jalan Gunawarman, South Jakarta. Just like the name suggests, this restaurant serves Turkish specialties such as kebabs, adana, baklava and many more. The interior of the restaurant is also elegant, making the dining atmosphere more enjoyable and like being in the Middle East.

2. Al Jazeera Signature

The next recommendation is the Al Jazeerah Signature restaurant in the Central Jakarta area. This restaurant serves Middle Eastern dishes such as shawarma, kebabs, hummus, and many more. The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant with Arabic decoration makes eating here even more special.

3. Abunawas Restaurant

Abunawas is known for its delicious Arabic specialties and is a Middle Eastern restaurant that can be included in the list for joint iftar activities in the month of Ramadan. There are packages of mandi rice with chicken to briyani rice with lamb. The location of the Abunawas restaurant is on Jalan Matraman, East Jakarta and Jalan Kemang Utara, South Jakarta.

4. Al Nafoura Restaurant

Different from other Middle Eastern restaurants which tend to be Arabic in style, Al Nafoura serves food with a Lebanese flavour. Even the overall interior of the food serving really resembles authentic Lebanese buildings and food. This restaurant is part of the Le Meridien hotel which is located on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 18-20, Central Jakarta.

5. Sisha Cafe

Finally, there is Sisha Cafe located on Jl Kemang Raya, South Jakarta, which apart from being a reference for bukber, can also be a place to hang out with friends or colleagues. This restaurant has a comfortable and glamorous Middle Eastern feel.

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