How to Choose Sustainable Flowers and Rings for a Wedding?

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How to Choose Sustainable Flowers and Rings for a Wedding?

Even though a wedding is a big event that is held once in a lifetime, there are weddings almost every week. Can you imagine donating a wedding to the mountain of trash that is generated every month?

Yep! Weddings are one source of waste that will end up in the TPA. A lot of waste from weddings ends up in mountains of trash, rivers and oceans. Where the waste can cause various environmental damage or disrupt the life of marine biota.

Examples of waste weddings that are produced are food leftovers after the wedding, excess souvenirs, or various leftover wedding decorations (visit us

Zero Waste Wedding is the right solution to reduce the volume of waste generated from weddings. In this article, we will study sustainable flowers and rings at weddings, because flowers and rings are an important part of a wedding.

What options can we do as an effort to reduce waste? Check out the explanation below.

Sustainable Flowers at Weddings
Flowers of various types and shapes will be very beautiful when used as wedding decorations. You can be creative by using flowers as wedding decorations, photo backdrops to hanging decorations.

Aside from being a decoration, another very important use of flowers is as a wedding flower bouquet. A wedding flower bouquet is not only a decoration but can also make the appearance of the bride more elegant and beautiful.

Here’s a sustainable flower at a wedding that you can do.

A. Ask the Florist to Use Local Flowers

Currently, it is not uncommon for wedding owners to buy flowers for wedding purposes, for example for throwing flowers, room decorations, to the needs of various wedding decorations.

Choosing flowers that taste from local flowers (locally made) is the right choice rather than buying flowers from abroad, because it can cause greenhouse gas emissions from shipping results (exports).

B. Use Live Plants

Live plants in pots are also the right choice for wedding decorations. Many living flower plants are no less interesting than hand bouquet flowers.

And after the wedding, you can still use these flowers as plants at home to make your home prettier and more beautiful.

C. Perform foam-free floral installation

Most florists use foam to arrange a flower. Even though the foam will eventually become useless and become waste that is difficult to decompose.

Tell the florist where you buy flowers not to use foam, maybe you can replace it with ribbon or use flower wrap/tissue paper which is more attractive.

D. Unused Donations

After the wedding, some flowers for decoration usually won’t be used either. Instead of just throwing it away, it’s better to donate it to those who need it or can process it into dried flowers. For example, to relatives, friends, neighbors, or handing over to the waste bank to be made into something more useful.

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