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A Unique Restaurant in Jakarta that is Anti Mainstream

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Today, many restaurants are not only selling the taste of their dishes, but also their interiors and atmosphere. Like some of the following unique restaurants in Jakarta. In these restaurants, you are not only served delicious dishes, but you can also feel the uniqueness of the interior of this restaurant. What are they?

1. Hospitalis Restaurant & Bar

Hmm.. Wait, is this really a restaurant? How come it looks like a hospital? At first glance, the exterior and interior of this restaurant actually looks like a clinic or hospital building. In fact, the valet in front of the restaurant was wearing a surgical gown. The lights that adorn the restaurant terrace are the same as the operating lights.

However, this Hospitalis is actually 100% restaurant. It’s just that this restaurant is actually deliberately designed to resemble a hospital. You can also be greeted by a waiter who dresses like a nurse. Uniquely, the food menu here is served with hospital equipment, you know.

Even though this restaurant carries a hospital-like design, Hospitalis also offers alcoholic drinks, such as cocktails and wine. Ready to try the sensation of eating in an area that resembles a hospital? Come on, come to the Hospitalis Restaurant & Bar on Jalan Ahmad Dahlan No. 31, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

2. Namaaz Dining

There is nothing unique about the atmosphere and decoration of this restaurant. However, the uniqueness lies in the food served. Yes, Namaaz Dining is claimed to be one of the unique restaurants in Jakarta because it serves a very unique fine dining menu.

Just imagine, you can be served with chicken curry packaged in the form of wooden pencils and old-looking note paper. In addition, there is also dodol which is packaged in a packet of artificial toothpaste. Everything served here is very unique and special! Curious how unique Namaaz Dining is? Visit this restaurant at Jalan Gunawarman No. 42, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

3. Bong Kopitown

There are restaurants that resemble hospitals, there are also restaurants that appear like prisons. Bong Kopitown makes you feel like a “convict”. However, being a “convict” at Bong Kopitown is fun, you know.

You can order a delicious and delicious food menu that contrasts with the food in a real prison. What’s more, you can also be served by waiters dressed as policemen or convicts. This restaurant, built by a young entrepreneur, Bong Chandra, is actually very unique.

Even though there are many iron bars in it, Bong Kopitown is still fun to be used as a hangout area with friends. This unique restaurant is located at Citywalk Sudirman. Bong Kopitown also opened branches in Supermall Karawaci Tangerang, Summarecon Bekasi and Jogjakarta.

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