Expensive Antiques Most Wanted by Collectors, Turns Out They Can Be Sold Up to Hundreds of Billions!

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Expensive Antiques Most Wanted by Collectors, Turns Out They Can Be Sold Up to Hundreds of Billions!

Antiques are often used as home decorations to beautify a room with a vintage touch. Come on, take a peek at the items.

Property People, apart from home decorations, antiques are also often collected by some people.

In fact, collectors of antiques do not hesitate to spend billions of rupiah to buy them.

For this reason, many people are now increasingly interested in collecting them so they can be resold when they are expensive.

There are some items that can be sold at high prices, here are 13 antiques that have high selling value.

1. Ancient Money

Reporting from https://lakeforestantiquesale.com/, ancient money has always been an antique with high selling value from year to year. This is because each country will always change its currency during a certain period.

Likewise, the Indonesian currency has changed from year to year.

In each edition, banknotes always come with a different color and design.

This makes old money that is no longer in circulation an interesting antique to collect.

The historical value contained in an ancient coin must be very high.

Old banknotes with a nominal value of Rp. 5,000 in 1958 now have a high selling value because of their historical value.

2. Dakon

Dakon is a game for girls in the past.

Usually the dakon is played by two girls like a game of congklak.

The dakon game is in the form of a long board with several hollow holes. There are two large hollow holes on both sides.

In ancient times, dakon seeds were made from soursop seeds. Old dakon boards are now in great demand by antique collectors because of their unique shape.

What’s more, now there are no more dakon boards made of wood.

If you have it at home, you can sell it on the marketplace starting at IDR 1 million, you know.

3. Antique Jar

This item is often identified with antiques that have high selling value.

Antique jars from ancient times are often valued at large sums.

One of them is a small jar that comes from the Qing Dynasty, which is a relic of the Qianlong Emperor.

Although the shape is small, the jar is apparently the most expensive jar in the world, you know.

Found in a modest house in London, this 40 cm tall urn sold for 50 million Euros or around Rp 612 billion in an auction.

4. Turntable

The record player can be regarded as a luxury item in the past.

Not surprisingly, this item was only owned by a handful of rich people at the time.

The tools used to listen to this music are still being hunted until now. Although there are now more modern instruments, the record player has its own historical and artistic value.

Not to forget, many also often buy vinyl records with their vinyl.

If you go to the antiques market, the prices will be quite expensive, starting from IDR 1 million to IDR 10 million.

5. Vehicle Replica

One of the antique items that is also often in demand by collectors is a replica or miniature vehicle.

Not surprisingly, many collectors of these miniatures are hunting abroad to get them.

The price also varies, ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of rupiah.

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