Property Agent Explains about Bandung Octopus House Wants to be Sold

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Property Agent Explains about Bandung Octopus House Wants to be Sold

Last week, the public was excited by an advertisement offering a unique house in Bandung at a price of IDR 25 billion. This house was viral because it has an unusual shape and architecture.
For Bandung residents, this house is nicknamed ‘Octopus House’. Not without reason, because on the roof of this 4-storey house, a giant dark octopus perches. Contrast with the white paint color of the walls of the house.

Octopus House is often an urban legend in Bandung. The issue that was widely circulated at that time was that the house was considered to be a place for devil worship. No one could reach the house even though from a distance the house was clearly visible. But in fact, it’s just a myth and rumors circulating. Octopus House is an ordinary house in general.

The Octopus House advertisement video has been widely circulated on social media and ended up going viral. But soon, the video was deleted.

The Prestige Property real estate agent, Fanny Lie, who uploaded the ad video, was blunt about the reason for the video being removed. He also confirmed that the house was for sale.

Met at at his office Wednesday (16/7/2023), he explained that the owner finally chose to take down the video because he felt disturbed by the hands of ignorant people after the marketing video went viral.

“The owner of this Octopus House brought it to me to market and sell. At first I advertised with voice over. It turned out to be viral on TikTok, I didn’t expect it either. There were lots of questions when there were fire ladders, the octopus was considered scary, various comments. Finally I go there, take a video to inform you that there is nothing, explain if you want to sell the house. There are two parts to the video because the house is large,” said Fanny.

“But after this second viral, the owner felt disturbed. Someone seemed to be curious, so he came to knock, ring the bell. Mr. Frans really doesn’t live there, he’s a Jakarta person so it’s okay. But his children sometimes go to Bandung “There are employees there too, there are people. So the house is for resting when they go to Bandung. That’s why they feel disturbed when someone is doing it for fun,” continued Fanny explaining.

He said, his agent was the first and only agent trusted to sell the house by Frans, the owner of Rumah Octopus, after 35 years of building and living in the house.

Fanny also regretted that the video, which was later taken down, apparently was kept by several parties. Then re-uploaded and used by other agents to help sell without confirmation.

Edge of Mystical Issues

Apart from that, there are also many comments that still associate the house with oblique issues that are closely related to mystical matters. He also tried to explain that there was nothing wrong with the house which seemed to be an urban legend for Bandung residents for dozens of years.

“I felt bad for the owner, even though I told him about the benefits of the house. But instead the comments focused on Octopus or seemed haunted, so I took it down and no longer used the words Octopus House,” said Fanny.

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