A Fun Playing Card Game Great for Hanging Out Ideas

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A Fun Playing Card Game Great for Hanging Out Ideas

There are so many types of playing card games that you can play with your friends. As you know, playing cards are a set of cards that are used for various types of games with a total of 52 cards.

This number consists of four types of symbols with each symbol consisting of 13 cards that have a number sequence. Maybe you already know some simple rummy games, such as hoe and 41.

However, there are still lots of fun playing card games that are suitable for hanging out with friends. What are the types of games? Check out the following, OK!


The most famous playing card game, even in many countries is poker. This game begins with each player getting seven cards from the dealer, but only five cards will be assessed later.

Then, the game starts when the dealer distributes two cards. However, only one card is opened, while the other card is closed.

Then, if there are players who feel confident about their cards, they can challenge their opponents by increasing the bet amount. But if you are not sure, then the player may withdraw.

The card holder with the highest combination will win this game.


Blackjack playing card game is also called 21. In simple terms, this game requires players to have a total value of 21 on the cards they hold to be the winner.

You can also determine the value of each card yourself, but generally cards A or Ace are worth 11 or 1. Then J, Q, and K are worth 10. Then, the rest have a value according to the numbers printed on the card.

If at the end of the game there is a player who has a card with a total value of 21, then he is the winner. If not, the player closest to 21 will be the winner. However, players with card values over 21 will lose immediately.

Slap jacks

Slap jack or in Indonesia better known as pat https://coninepokerclassic.org/ nyampuk is a playing card game that is simple and very easy to play. Each player must quickly tap the card that is lying on the floor, according to the number stated.

First of all, the Ace, King, Queen, Jack cards will be mentioned, and the numbers from 10 to 3. If when you call that number and it matches the card that is issued, the player must tap that card.

The last player to clap must take the card that was removed.


The bullshit or cheat playing card game requires players to lie in order to become a winner. The way to play bullshit is to guess the value of the card that is issued.

First, the opponent will issue a card in an upside down position while calling out the value on the card. If the opponent says cheat and the value of the card does not match what was said, then the opponent must take all the stacks of cards that have been issued.

But if the opponent turns out to be honest and a player says cheat, then that player has to take all of his decks of cards.


Rummy is a playing card game whose real name is Sai Rummy or Basic Rummy. This game from Mexico can be completed quickly. The object of the game is to quickly get to 0 deadwood.

Deadwood is a card that is not used, but is held in the hand. After the player gets 10 cards, the player is tasked with grouping three cards or more with the same value.

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