5 Types of Dogs that are Easy to Train

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5 Types of Dogs that are Easy to Train

Did you know that some puppies are very playful and love to learn, while others are stubborn. Knowing a dog’s character can help you with tricks for training a dog.

Puppy training can begin when the puppy is around eight weeks old. Some breeds seem easier to train than others. When a type of dog is more difficult to train, this does not indicate unintelligence. Dogs develop according to their breed. More information about how to train dogs can be read here!

1. Border Collies

Reporting from https://www.hotdogclub.org/ Border Collie is an agile and intelligent shepherd dog. This type of dog has the ability to follow hand signals and whistles to gather sheep into a pen. Regardless of breed, basically training any puppy takes time, consistency and patience.

If you’ve just brought home a Border Collie puppy, start with three core training basics that will teach your puppy how to behave appropriately. Focus on potty training, commands such as “sit” and “stay”, socialization, so that the puppy gets used to new people and situations and other animals.

2. German Shepherds

German Shepherds are often used as guide dogs for the blind, guard dogs, and herders. This type of dog is easy to train for work and as a family dog because this dog has strong protective instincts. It is important to train this type of dog from an early age.

Five to ten minutes several times a day is ideal for training German Shepherds. Don’t forget to rest your puppy because it is still growing so it needs regular rest.

Timing training before meal times and offering treats can also be productive, as food is a big motivator for training dogs. Some researchers say female puppies are easier to train than males.

3. Papillons

The Papillon is an intelligent, confident, playful, affectionate and happy dog breed. This dog is also good at learning tricks and jobs that require obedience. Although tiny Papillon puppies may seem fragile, they are avid exercisers and playmates.

You can train Papillon pups to do almost anything, and they are agile. Try training them to participate in dog sports, such as agility courses with obstacles for jumping over poles, or teach them to do fun tricks.

4. Labrador Retrievers

This type of dog is very playful and easy to train. Labrador puppies are sociable, friendly, and love to play. It is important to remember, puppies are naturally curious and easily do anything risky such as swallowing things they shouldn’t, including socks. This behavior is not only annoying but can also be life-threatening.

5. Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are known as happy, friendly, intelligent and obedient puppies. Positive reinforcement, sometimes known as reward-based training or non-coercive dog training can build emotional bonding between dog and owner. Try training your Golden Retriever with treats or ear scratches and belly rubs.

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