Jakarta Spa Places That Are Suitable for Relaxing Fatigue

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Jakarta Spa Places That Are Suitable for Relaxing Fatigue

Pampering yourself after being tired from activities is one of the most enjoyable things. One way is to have body treatments at a spa. Spas have many health benefits, you know! This treatment can help relieve fatigue, improve blood circulation, and improve sleep quality. Unfortunately, many people hesitate to go to spas because they think they are expensive. Even though there are many cheap spa places in Jakarta with satisfactory service. So, here are the recommendations https://boisemicrobladingandlashes.com/!

1. Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa

You must be familiar with the Mustika Ratu beauty brand, right? They have the best spa in Jakarta called Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, you know! Carrying a traditional Javanese concept, Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa offers several spa treatments using natural and traditional ingredients. Some of the treatments they offer include:

Phyto Whitening Therapy which functions to brighten and clean the skin
Stress Reduction Treatment or Swarga Raras which can reduce muscle and nerve tension
Detoxifying Program to remove dead skin cells, remove toxins from the body, and reduce muscle tension.

2. Zen Family Spa and Reflexology

Zen Family Spa and Reflexology is one of the best spas in Jakarta which is highly recommended. Here, there is a special room for couples so you can enjoy the spa together. This place is so popular because it offers Balinese massage. This type of massage uses a relaxing water flow massage technique which is effective for reducing stress.

With a classic feel and a homey place, you will feel how skilled the therapist is when giving a massage. After the massage, you will be served a warm drink, such as tea or ginger so that your mind can relax even more. The spa treatments at Zen Family Spa and Reflexology that you can choose include:

Balinese Massage is a spa treatment using aromatic oils and relaxing water flow massage techniques
Secluded Relaxation Massage or massage with aromatic oils and water flow technique with long massages, rolling movements, and pressure on the thumbs and palms
The Royal Touch which is a massage from head to toe
Jamu Traditional Spa is a choice of treatments using traditional ingredients, ranging from eye masks using rose petals, hot stone massage, to waxing using liquid sugar.

3. Nest Family and Reflexology Spa

Nest Family and Reflexology Spa focuses on reflexology, massage and spa treatments. This spa in North Jakarta has existed since 2010 and now has approximately 18 branches spread across Indonesia. Here, you will also be invited to enjoy a spa with a mixture of natural and traditional ingredients that will relax your body and mind. In fact, it can soften your skin. Some spa treatments that you can try here include:

Javanese Massage functions to restore body energy through traditional Javanese massage with a more intense emphasis to relieve muscle and joint pain
Balinese Massage helps to relieve stress by means of acupressure, gentle stretching, plus aromatherapy oils to relax the mind
Dry Massage is a traditional massage technique without applying oil to the main massage points on the shoulders, neck and back
VIP Reflexology Massage is a combination of reflexology and traditional massage that focuses on blood circulation points located on the body and feet
Muscular Sprain Massage is intended for those who experience stiff muscles or sprains with a massage using a special signature oil owned by Nest Family and Reflexology Spa
Aromatherapy Massage will relax your body and mind because you will be massaged with selected aromatherapy oils.

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