Take a peek at the aluminum manufacturing process in Indonesia

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Take a peek at the aluminum manufacturing process in Indonesia

Modern human life seems inseparable from the use of aluminum. It is used for everything from household furniture to private vehicles. Quoted From https://redlinepowdercoating.com/

However, not everyone knows the process of making aluminum and how this raw material can make daily activities easier.

The existence of aluminum in Indonesia cannot be separated from PT Indonesia Asahan Aluminum (Inalum) (Persero) as a producer which was founded in 1976. SVP Deputy Secretary of PT Inalum (Persero), Mahyadrudin AR, told a brief history of the largest aluminum producing company in the country.

“Even though it was previously registered as a foreign company owned by Japan, since 2013, PT Inalum has become a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN). This company has also been registered as a member of MIND.ID, an association of Indonesian mining companies,” said Mahyadrudin.

The location of PT Inalum’s aluminum factory and processing is located in North Sumatra. There, a large factory was built, complete with a port for the aluminum manufacturing process. The results of aluminum production are channeled into the daily needs of the wider community.

Potential of the Asahan River

The availability of affordable electricity resources and alumina raw materials is an important key to aluminum production. To produce one ton of aluminum, approximately 14,000 kWh of electrical energy is needed.

To meet this electricity need, PT Inalum utilizes the potential of the Asahan River water which flows from Lake Toba in North Sumatra. The Asahan River is known to have strong currents so that it can become the basic energy for PT Inalum (Persero)’s Hydroelectric Power Plant (PLTA).

PT Inalum (Persero) has three dams and two hydroelectric power plants which are included in the Asahan 2 Project and are used to meet operational electrical energy needs. This project consists of the Regulator Dam, Siguragura Dam, and Tangga Dam as well as the Siguragura Hydroelectric Power Plant and the Tangga Hydroelectric Power Plant.

PT Inalum Persero carries out aluminum manufacturing activities regularly, on a fairly large scale. A series of special preparations are required before entering the factory, such as the use of complete basic protective equipment (PPE). This includes wearing personal protective equipment and following a standard set of operations to ensure anyone in the factory area is safe.

The aluminum production process is divided into three stages in different factories. All initial raw materials are collected at the Carbon factory and then processed until the raw materials become raw anode.

Then, the raw anode is baked, stalked, then coated with aluminum. After that, the anode is taken to the next factory, namely the Reduction factory to be baked in a reduction furnace at high temperature for 20 days. The roasting process turns the anode into molten aluminum.

The last factory is a casting factory or aluminum printing factory. Finished aluminum is divided into three types of products, namely  alloy, ingot  and  billet . The aluminum will first be cooled, then molded into the shape of the three products.

After that, the product is ready to be sent to clients, which will later become the products we use in everyday life.

Apart from a number of factories for production, there is also a port specifically for PT Inalum (Persero) activities. The port is named after PT Inalum SMB Port referring to its function, namely smelter, materials and berth.

The port is only used by PT Inalum, for example to support the entry and exit of raw materials in aluminum production.

The port has three large piers with their respective functions. Pier A is a place for receiving raw goods or other materials. The material is sucked up using a special machine, and later carried using special equipment along a straight road 2.5 kilometers long.

Other docks also have different functions, but the aim is the same, namely to facilitate and support PT Inalum’s activities, especially in terms of receiving and sending aluminum.

With the many operational activities carried out by PT Inalum to produce aluminum for the community, we can be proud that Indonesian BUMN has been able to produce the community’s own needs with good quality.

PT Inalum’s operational activities are certainly interesting to study because they are able to increase insight into Indonesian mining activities.

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