Osmium Price: A Deep Dive into the World’s Most Expensive Element

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When it comes to precious metals, gold often takes center stage. However, there’s one element that often gets overlooked due to its scarcity and incredibly high price – osmium. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating world of osmium, including its price per gram, its status in India and Pakistan, its comparison with gold, and its price trends and forecasts.

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Understanding Osmium

Osmium, known for its atomic number 76 on the periodic table, is one of the rarest elements on Earth. Its density is unmatched, making it the densest naturally occurring element. Osmium has a beautiful bluish-white appearance, which, combined with its extreme rarity, has led to its status as one of the most coveted elements in the world.

Osmium Price per Gram

The osmium price per gram is a jaw-dropping figure. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, it was estimated to be around $400 per gram. However, due to its scarcity, the price of osmium can fluctuate significantly, and it’s essential to check the most recent market data for accurate pricing information.

Osmium Price in India

In India, where precious metals have a special cultural significance, the osmium price is of interest to both investors and collectors. The osmium price in India typically follows global trends, but factors like import duties and taxes can influence the final cost. As of my last update, the price in India was slightly higher than the global average, primarily due to these additional costs.

Osmium Price vs. Gold

Comparing osmium to gold is like comparing a rare gem to a classic masterpiece. While gold has been a symbol of wealth and value for centuries, osmium’s appeal lies in its extreme rarity and uniqueness. The price of osmium per gram far surpasses that of gold. Gold, which is more widely available, usually hovers around $50 per gram.

Osmium Price in Rupees

For those in India, understanding the osmium price in rupees is crucial. The exchange rate between the US dollar and the Indian rupee can affect the final price. As of my last update, the osmium price in rupees was approximately 29,000 INR per gram.

Osmium Price per Kg in India

To put things into perspective, let’s talk about the osmium price per kilogram in India. Given that there are 1,000 grams in a kilogram, the price of osmium per kilogram in India would be around 29 million INR. That’s a staggering figure, highlighting the exclusivity of this precious element.

Osmium Price per Ounce

If you prefer to measure precious metals in ounces, the osmium price per ounce is equally astonishing. With approximately 28.35 grams in an ounce, the price would be approximately $11,340 per ounce, based on the aforementioned osmium price per gram.

Osmium Price Chart

To gain a better understanding of osmium’s price trends, it’s helpful to refer to an osmium price chart. These charts display historical data, allowing you to track osmium’s price fluctuations over time. They provide valuable insights for potential investors and collectors.

Osmium Price Trend

The osmium price trend has shown remarkable stability over the years, primarily due to its limited supply. While other precious metals may experience more significant price fluctuations, osmium tends to maintain its high value. However, it’s important to remember that any shift in supply or demand can influence the price trend.

Osmium Price Forecast

Predicting the future of osmium’s price is a challenging task. Given its rarity and unique properties, it’s likely that osmium will continue to be one of the most expensive elements on Earth. However, factors such as technological advancements in mining and increased demand for osmium in specialized industries could impact its price in the future. Always consult up-to-date sources for the most accurate osmium price forecasts.

Osmium Price per Kg

For those who prefer to work with larger quantities, the osmium price per kilogram is of utmost importance. As of my last update, the price per kilogram was in the range of $400,000 to $500,000 USD, depending on market conditions. This price underscores the exclusivity of osmium and its unique position in the world of precious elements.

Osmium Price USD

When dealing with international markets, it’s crucial to consider the osmium price in USD. This is the standard currency for most global transactions. As mentioned earlier, the osmium price per gram in USD was approximately $400. However, market fluctuations can cause this price to vary, so always check current rates before making any investments.

Osmium Price per Gram USD

For a more granular view of osmium’s value, the osmium price per gram in USD is a vital metric. At approximately $400 per gram, osmium remains one of the most expensive elements in the world.

Osmium Price in Pakistan

Lastly, let’s discuss the osmium price in Pakistan. While Pakistan is not a major player in the global precious metals market, there may be collectors and investors interested in osmium. As of my last update, the osmium price in Pakistan was roughly in line with global prices, though additional costs such as import duties could affect the final price.


In conclusion, osmium’s price per gram is a topic of fascination and intrigue in the world of precious elements. Its rarity, density, and unique properties make it a highly sought-after element for collectors and investors alike. Whether you’re in India, Pakistan, or any other part of the world, understanding the osmium price in various currencies is essential for those looking to explore this exclusive world of precious metals. Always remember that osmium’s price can fluctuate, so it’s crucial to consult up-to-date sources for the most accurate pricing information and forecasts.

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