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St. Mary’s Health Center Joseph

St. Mary’s Health Center St. Joseph’s Hospital is a large Catholic teaching hospital west of Toronto, Ontario. It is located west of downtown Toronto, along the shore of Lake Ontario at the intersection of The Queensway and Sunnyside Avenue, just west of Roncesvalles Avenue. Founded in 1921 by the Order of the Sisters of St. Joseph in the orphanage area. The same order included establishing St. Mary’s Hospital. Michael in Toronto in 1892.

St. Mary’s Health Center St. Joseph receives more than 97,000 emergency room visits annually, and receives more than 272,000 visits in outpatient clinics. More than 21,000 patients are treated in hospital beds each year, with an average stay of five to six days and an occupancy rate of 100%. Every year, more than 3,000 children are born in St. Petersburg. Joseph’s. More than 160,000 diagnostic imaging procedures are performed annually and more than 30,000 operations.

St Joseph’s is affiliated with the University of Toronto and accepts placement trainees in a variety of specialties. Trainees are placed through U of T, and include students in other universities’ medical programs. More than 800 trainees are stationed at St. Joseph’s and 200 faculty departments at U of T. Medical education programs are administered by the Department of Medical Education & Scholarship. St. St. Joseph’s also accepts nursing trainees from universities and colleges.


Birthing Center & Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Diagnostic Imaging Services
Emergency, Critical Care & Access Clinics
Laboratory Services
Medical, Outpatient & Senior Health Clinics
Mental Health & Addiction Clinic
Surgery & Oncology Clinic
Women, Children & Family Health

The Women, Children and Family Health Program launched the St. Louis Urban Family Health Team. Joseph (UFHT) at 27 Roncesvalles Ave. The primary focus of UFHT is to improve population health along with focusing on the prevention and management of chronic diseases. It offers patient education, health promotion, disease prevention and chronic disease management programs.

The Emergency Clinic is located on the west side of the hospital, on Glendale Avenue. These are flow clinics, with adults being streamed to one clinic, and children to another clinic. St. Petersburg waiting time Joseph is regularly monitored by the Ontario Ministry of Health. In 2012, St. Mary’s Health Center Joseph has one of the lowest wait times in Ontario to see a doctor. The Outpatient Clinic is a daytime clinic for non-emergency visits for patients who need immediate medical attention. The Outpatient Clinic is also located in the Glendale wing.

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