Recommendations for the Best Birthday Decorations for Children

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Recommendations for the Best Birthday Decorations for Children

For children, a birthday that is celebrated with great fanfare can provide special joy. You can make this moment even more memorable by decorating the room with birthday decorations. There are balloons, triangular flags and other birthday knick-knacks to enliven the atmosphere as reported by

In this article, we will share tips for choosing good children’s birthday decorations. We will also provide recommendations for interesting birthday decorations according to your child’s favorite themes, for example Disney princesses, dinosaurs and cars. Decorations from brands such as Scoop Ideas and W! We will also review accessories. Happy reading!

Cute decoration theme for girls

Girls generally prefer decorations that have a cute impression. The color choices also tend to be soft, such as pink, baby blue, or according to the color of their favorite character. For a girl’s birthday theme, use your daughter’s favorite character. Call it Hello Kitty, Barbie, Little Pony, and Disney princesses, like Anna & Elsa from the film Frozen.

Cool decoration theme for boys

You can consider knick-knacks in shades of blue, red and green for your boy’s birthday decorations. Boys usually like dinosaurs, cars, outer space and superhero characters, such as Spiderman and the Avengers. The decorative ornaments chosen will also follow the chosen character.

Neutral decoration theme, can be for boys or girls

You can also make birthday decorations that are simple but attractive. You can choose minimalist decoration with neutral color choices. Adding letter balloons that say “happy birthday” can be a highlight to enliven the atmosphere. For other decorating ideas, we will explain them further below.

Latex balloons

Latex balloons are the most common type found in various colors and shapes as decoration. You can decorate the walls by sticking double-sided tape or adhesive on latex balloons. These balloons can also be arranged as desired or tied with string to distribute to party guests.

Foil balloons

Apart from latex balloons, foil balloons are also very popular. Foil balloons are balloons made from mylar foil which can store air for a long time. Foil balloons are popular because they come in various interesting shapes and characters, such as numbers, letters and even characters.

Bubble balloons

Bubble balloons are transparent balloons made from PVC plastic. This balloon can be filled with other small balloons, LED lights, paper decorations, or other decorations. Because it is transparent and perfectly round, the decoration inside will make this balloon look very attractive.

Triangular flags or bunting flags

As the name suggests, bunting flags are generally triangular in shape with various designs and motifs. You can find triangular flags in various lengths. Some are made of paper, some are made of cloth. You can use it as a ceiling decoration in outdoor areas or indoor areas.


In recent years, banners, which are long pieces of cloth as a background, have also often been used as wall decorations. Banner sizes vary, ranging from 1.5 m x 1.5 m to 2.5 m x 2.5 m. Apart from being simple, you can order it by selecting the available template or making a special request. You can add the name and photo of the birthday child to make it more special.

Other decorations are no less interesting

You can also consider other decorations that are usually made of paper. Decorations that you can use as decoration options include origami, happy birthday letter hangers, foil curtains, crepe paper, and tissue paper pompoms. However, try not to use too many decorations that seem excessive

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